Self-supporting optical fiber cable

- Mar 05, 2018-

Self-supporting optical fiber cable

Self-supporting optical fiber cable full-name is full media self-supporting optical fiber cable, referring to the cable strengthen components themselves can withstand self-weight and external load. This name points out the use environment of this cable and its key technologies: Because it is self-supporting, so its mechanical strength is decisive. The use of all dielectric materials is because that the cable in a high-voltage environment, must be able to withstand the strong electric power Influence. As it is used in an aerial way overhead poles in the power tower, so there must be matching components supporting cable and fixing in the tower.

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Self-supporting optical fiber cable is also called ADSS fiber cable (All-dielectric Self-supporting Optical Cable).

Self-supporting optical cable has three key technologies: cable mechanical design, the suspension point determination and the matching fittings selection and installation.

Main Features

1, Low optical transmission loss, low dispersion;

2, optical cable has excellent mechanical properties and environmental performance;

3, compact structure, using SZ stranded structure to ensure that optical fiber is unstressed under harsh environment;

4, the optical cable is all non-metallic structure, light weight, easy to lay, strong anti-electromagnetic interference;

5, optical fiber self-support style erection, high tensile strength, strong resistance to the external environment, excellent flexibility and strong bending resistance;


The scope of application

For long-distance communications and local areas communications;


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