Several Important Properties Of Fiber Optic Adapters

- May 06, 2020-

Several Important Properties OFiber Optic Adapters


1. Flame retardant. Flame retardant is the burning point of the material. A good adapter material is not easy to burn under the fire point, which is an excellent flame retardant level.

2. Heat distortion temperature. Plastics will deform under thermal pressure, especially in the wild. Therefore, the thermal deformation temperature of the adapter is also an important indicator.

3. Working temperature -40 ~ 75. This is a normal working range of the adapter. If the adapter loses its function under severe cold temperatures, it will have a great impact, so it can work normally at this working temperature.

Several Important Properties Of Fiber Optic Adapters

4. Insertion loss. Generally, the loss is less than 0.2DB. If the loss is high, it will affect the optical transmission, so your network speed will be very stuck.

5. The number of inserts. It needs continuous interpenetration between continuous running-in and plugging out. Generally, it takes more than 500 times to be qualified. If it is lower or less, it will have a greater impact on the later period and reduce the life.

6. Stable quality. Many adapters will have color differences during the production process, which is that they are not sure in the production process, and there are still some small problems, such as broken shells, thin and so on.

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