The reason for the polishing of fiber optic connectors

- Sep 07, 2017-

Optical fiber connector as one of the most important optical passive components of the optical fiber system, the performance requirements of its insertion loss is lower, the return loss is higher, in order to improve the reliability of optical transmission system. To evaluate the quality of the optical fiber connector, it is necessary to measure the shape parameters of the connector end face after grinding and polishing, including the curvature radius, the vertex offset and the core depression. Only to ensure that the end shape parameters within a certain range, in order to ensure that the fiber to maintain a good physical contact; In addition, but also try to remove the fiber end of the metamorphic layer, and test whether the end of the fiber scratches or other fouling. And finally to meet the low insertion loss, high return loss performance. Therefore, the optical fiber connector grinding and polishing process to improve its optical performance is critical.

Optical fiber connector polishing process

The fiber-optic grinding process is the result of the combination of many abrasive grains on the surface of the abrasive paper.

Four grinding methods: to glue package - coarse grinding - semi-fine grinding - fine grinding - polishing

(1) For fiber optic connectors with ceramic sleeves, such as FC type, SC type, ST type, LC type fiber optic connectors are mainly used to grind the diamond series of grinding, polished with ADS. Grinding process: SC30 / 15-D9-D6-D3-D1-ADS / cerium oxide polishing film + SiO2 polishing solution; or SC30 / 15-D9-D3-D1-ADS / cerium oxide polishing film + SiO2 polishing solution; / 15-D9-D1-ADS / cerium oxide polishing film + SiO2 polishing solution. D0 or D6 or D3 diamond grinding plate for rough grinding; D1 diamond grinding plate for semi-fine grinding; D0.5 diamond grinding plate for grinding. ADS / cerium oxide polishing film + SiO2 polishing solution for polishing. The grinding pad is made of rubber pad.

(2) APC ceramic casing fiber optic connector, grinding process requires the first large-size diamond grinding paper open slope, and then use D9-D1-ADS polishing.

(3) For fiber optic connectors with plastic sleeves, such as MT-RJ fiber optic connectors, grinding process: SC30 / 15-SC9-SC6-SC3-SC1, polishing with black + cerium oxide grinding; Pad with glass mat.


(1) in the process of polishing, each step to finish the use of pure water and clean paper to clean the end of the needle body clean;

(2) in the process of polishing the general use of water as a grinding medium;

(3) polishing positioning positioning should pay attention to high, otherwise it will cause different lengths. When positioning the grinding disc and the pin to be kept vertical, otherwise it will cause convex spherical offset (eccentric);

(4) due to various manufacturers of different pins affect the polishing parameters;

(5) grinding with the grinding paper than the workpiece hard, and polished with the polishing film than the workpiece soft.