What are the advantages of CWDM SFP Modules?

- Mar 16, 2021-

The CWDM optical module played a huge role in the CWDM system and successfully solved the problems in the optical fiber transmission network. CWDM optical modules have 8 major advantages, which are summarized as follows:

1. "Transparent" transmission of data;

2. Ultra-large capacity, making full use of the huge bandwidth resources of optical fiber;

3. Greatly save fiber resources and reduce construction costs;

4. High networking flexibility, economy and reliability;

5. All-optical network switching can realize long-distance non-electric relay transmission;

6. Simplified laser module, thereby reducing the volume of equipment and saving room space;

7. Optical layer recovery is independent of business and rate, and can effectively protect data;

8. No semiconductor cooler and temperature control function are needed, so the power consumption can be significantly reduced, which is only 12.5% of DWDM.

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