What are the precautions for the connection of the SFP+ optical module and the switch?

- Mar 16, 2021-

1. Pay attention to whether the wavelength and transmission distance of the optical modules used by the switches at both ends are the same, as well as single-fiber dual-fiber, single-mode and multi-mode problems. If the two ends are not equal, the corresponding converter should be used;

2. When using the optical module, try to avoid static electricity and bumps. If bumps occur, it is not recommended to continue to use the optical module;

3. Pay attention to the front and back of the optical module, the pull ring and label should face upwards;

4. When inserting the optical module into the switch, try to push it to the bottom as hard as possible. Generally, there will be a slight vibration sensation. After inserting it, you can gently pull out the optical module to check whether it is installed in place;

5. When disassembling the optical module, first pull the wristband to a position of 90° to the optical port, and then pull out the optical module.

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