What equipment is required to produce fiber jumpers?

- Sep 07, 2017-

Many people are interested in the production process of fiber jumpers, fiber optic jumpers need to produce what equipment? The main and what include it? Do not look at fiber jumpers on a small one, two head of a line, in fact, the production process The request is still quite complicated.

The most important needs: grinding machine, the end of the inspection instrument, curing furnace, plug loss tester, press crimping machine, tail crimping machine, dispenser.

According to production capacity, capacity, then need to be equipped with cutting cable machine and more than grinding machine. Others include:

Tools: optical cable stripping pliers, industrial alcohol, alcohol pump, special paper towels, blades, sandpaper, curing plate, grinding tablets (a variety of specifications) grinding disc.

Equipment categories: curing furnace, the end of the instrument (with monitor) plug loss tester, crimping machine (fixed aramid), dispenser. If the product requires 3D requirements, also need 3D detector, air compressor.

Test: plug insertion force tester, vernier caliper, through the rules, meters, the connector tension tester (can be made, buy weight) high and low temperature box, the number of really a lot of it