What is AOC/DAC High-speed cable?

- Mar 16, 2021-

The 10G DAC high-speed cable consists of a twin-core copper wire and SFP+ connectors at both ends, which can be directly connected to active devices. DAC high-speed cables include passive DAC and active DAC, both of which can directly transmit electrical signals through copper wires. The difference is that the former can be transmitted without signal modulation, while the latter is equipped with electronic components inside the optical transceiver to enhance the signal. In general, 10G DAC high-speed cables are used in wiring racks to connect switches, servers, and storage devices.

The 10G AOC high-speed cable is composed of multi-mode fiber jumpers and SFP+ connectors connected at both ends. It requires an external power supply to complete the conversion of optical/electrical signals, first converting electrical signals to optical signals, and finally converting to electrical signals. Similar to the 10G DAC high-speed cable, the 10G AOC high-speed cable is mainly used for the interconnection between storage devices, switches, and switches and servers in the data center wiring racks.

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