What is MT-RJ

- Nov 08, 2017-

What is MT-RJ?

MT - RJ, it is a kind of optical fiber connectors/fiber interface. In order to satisfy the customers’ growing demand on the connector miniaturization, low cost, easy to use of optical fiber connection products, a special kind of new fiber connector/fiber interface is developed. 

MT-RJ Patch Cord 1.jpg

                                                                 MT-RJ Patch Cord

Because of its economical characteristics, it is especially suitable for the application of optical fiber to the desktop. MT - RJ started in MT connectors developed by NTT. It is with the same latch mechanism of RJ - 45 LAN electric connector. To alignment the optical fiber by installing in small casing on both sides of the guide pin, to be convenient for connecting to the optical transceiver, fiber-optic connector end face is duplex cores (interval of 0.75 mm) alignment design. It is mainly used on data transmission for the next generation of high density optical fiber connector.

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