What is the Base-12 MTP MPO cabling system?

- Jan 14, 2021-

Base-12 MTP/MPO fiber optic patch cords are non-fixed MTP cables with polarity A in the backbone network. It uses 12 fiber-based MTP connectors to increase the fiber link. The connection of Base-12 MTP/MPO fiber optic cabling system is as follows:

12-core MTPMPO backbone jumper and 40G adapter panel realize 10G to 40G network upgrade

Similarly, 1Base-12 MTP/MPO fiber optic patch cords can also be easily used in 2-core fiber optic cabling systems, because the number 12 can also be completely divided by the number 2. The following figure shows the use of MTP-LC branch modules from Base-12 MTP / MPO fiber optic cabling system to 2 core fiber optic system conversion.