What is the Base-8 MTP/MPO cabling system?

- Jan 13, 2021-

Base-8 MTP/MPO fiber optic patch cord is a fixed MTP trunk patch cord with polarity B. It uses 8-fiber-based MTP connectors to increase fiber links. 8-core connections can easily achieve 100% of the backbone fiber % Is fully utilized, and other losses will not occur. In addition, its wiring is simpler and more flexible. 8-core, 16-core and 24-core backbone cables belong to the Base-8 MTP/MPO cabling system, but the 12-core backbone cable does not belong to the Base-8 MTP/MPO cabling system. The Base-8 MTP/MPO wiring system is shown in the figure below:

8-core MTPMPO branch fiber jumper realizes direct connection from 40G SR4 to 10G SR

The Base-8 MTP/MPO wiring system can be easily used in a 2-core wiring system because the number 8 can be divisible by the number 2. For example, MTP/MPO fiber patch cords based on 8 fibers can be easily converted into 4 duplex LC patch cords. Of course, you can also use other solutions such as MTP-LC optical fiber distribution box to realize the conversion from Base-8 MTP/MPO wiring system to 2-core wiring system.