What Is The Difference And Relation Between Fiber Pigtail And Patch Cord

- Oct 24, 2017-

What Is The Difference And Relation Between Fiber Pigtail And Patch Cord


The fiber pigtail is connected to optical fiber, and the fiber jumper is connected to the optical fiber box and transceiver. The specific process is: fiber- pigtail - coupler - patchcord - transceiver - patchcord (wire) - switch - terminal device. The fiber pigtail and optical fiber patchcord belong to the same kind of things, only different in usage.


sc apc pigtail 2.jpg

                                                                                Fiber Pigtail

If several cores need to be separated in the multi-fiber cable route, the cores will be welded to the tail fiber to ensure that the attenuation is up to the standard, and then connect to the coupler for standby. A fibre-optic patch cord cut off in the middle and turn into two fiber pigtail. The end of the fiber optic cable can be connected to the equipment only by welding the fiber pigtails with the cable cores.The fiber patch cord can be cut into 2 parts to use as 2 pigtails. Fiber cable need to add the connectors to its end for connection. One way is grinding the ends directly and add the connectors on them, But there is no way to control the attenuation, only decided by the experience of the grinder.


sc apc sc apc pathc cord 4.0mm.jpg

                                                Fiber Patch Cord

Another way is to use the welding machine to weld pigtail at the end of the cable. The advantage of this way is the attenuation is small. Because the fiber pigtails are generally made by cutting the patch cord from the middle. And patch cords are mostly processed from grinding machine, having been tested, and the attenuation is assured.

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