Where is the fiber jumper used in general?

- Sep 07, 2017-

Fiber jumper is generally used in what place? What role? Fiber jumper popular is the equipment and equipment used between a transmission medium, such as A device signal interface is A1, B device signal interface is B1. Then need to make two devices connected, you need to have a fiber, this fiber is a section of the interface of the A1 head, another interface is the first B1, so as to connect the two devices together, this end with adapter (connector ) Of the fiber is called a jumper. Incidentally, an optical fiber with an end adapter is called a pigtail.

Where is the fiber jumper used?

Fiber jumper products are widely used: communication room, fiber to the home, local area network, fiber optic sensors, optical fiber communication systems, optical fiber transmission equipment, defense readiness and so on. Applicable to cable television networks, telecommunications networks, computer fiber optic networks and optical testing equipment.