5G Communication XR Content Alliance

- Sep 02, 2020-

5G Communication XR Content Alliance


On September 1, 2020, the Global XR Content Telecom Alliance jointly initiated by China Telecom, South Korea’s LG U+, Japan’s KDDI, Canadian Bell, Qualcomm, Felix & Paul, Altas V and other operators and industry and content partners signed a contract through the cloud The method was officially announced.

China Telecom Joins Hands With A Number Of International Operators To Establish The Global XR Content Telecom Alliance

The establishment of the Global XR Content Telecom Alliance aims to increase investment in high-quality XR content and support high-quality original XR content for the next generation of media and entertainment content and applications in the 5G era. With the development of 5G services, XR content and applications, including VR/AR, have become key media and services beyond traditional media. They will bring users a unique immersive experience and are an important part of building a 5G ecosystem.

China Telecom stated that the launch of the Global XR Content Telecom Alliance with the world's top 5G operators, industry partners and top content studios this time is an important step to deepen industrial cooperation and expand the influence of operators in the 5G content field. China Telecom will stimulate the technology, application and model innovation in the XR field through continuous cooperation, and promote the high-quality development of the global XR industry.


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