Alibaba Cloud's Three Super Data Centers Are Completed, More Than One Million Servers Added

- Jul 31, 2020-

Alibaba Cloud's Three Super Data Centers Are Completed: More Than One Million Servers Added

On July 31, Alibaba Cloud announced today that three super data centers in Nantong, Hangzhou, and Ulan Chabu have been officially completed. Over one million servers will be added to the three major economies of Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Yangtze River Delta, and Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. band.

Up to now, Alibaba Cloud has deployed hundreds of cloud data centers in 22 regions around the world, among which 5 super data centers have been planned and constructed, which has become the country's largest data center cluster.

Alibaba Cloud's Three Super Data Centers Are Completed More Than One Million Servers Added

In addition to the five super data centers completed today, the Zhangbei and Heyuan data centers have already been put into use. In the future, Alibaba Cloud will build more than 10 super data centers nationwide.

Gao Shanyuan, general manager of Alibaba’s IDC R&D division, said that compared with traditional data centers, super data centers are designed and built for the future. The latest research results of Dharma Academy and Pingtou are applied, and the self-developed Shenlong Cloud is deployed. Server, the performance reaches the highest level in the world.

In addition, the super data center widely uses energy-saving technologies such as liquid cooling, water cooling, and wind energy. The newly built Hangzhou data center has deployed the world’s largest liquid-cooled server cluster. By "dipping the servers in water" (Note: Actual use It is a special coolant) to dissipate heat, which can save more than 70% of energy in the data center; in the five super data centers, automatic operation and maintenance robots are also used for intelligent operation and maintenance to ensure the safe operation of the data center 24 hours.


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