Beijing First Opened 5G Phone To Realize 5G Network Commercial Rapid Advancement

- Apr 16, 2019-

Beijing First Opened 5G Phone to Realize 5G Network Commercial Rapid Advancement


According to the Beijing Daily News on April 15, the reporter learned from Beijing Mobile yesterday that it successfully opened the first 5G phone in Beijing by means of 5G mobile phones on the Beijing 5G trial network without changing the card.


Beijing First Opened 5G Phone to Realize 5G Network Commercial Rapid Advancement

According to the introduction of 5G network Beijing Mobile, this call uses the NSA core network and IMS network upgraded by 4G existing network, which realizes the call between 5G mobile phones without changing the card. In the future, after purchasing a 5G mobile phone, the public can directly enjoy the ultra-high-speed 5G network and various related services by simply inserting the existing SIM card into the new 5G mobile phone.


On the evening of April 9, China Mobile Beijing Company completed the upgrade of the core network equipment. The upgraded core network and related network already have 5G functions and fully support 5G terminal access.


In Beijing Mobile's office building in Dongzhimen, its staff introduced that 5G micro base stations have been set up in the building to achieve coverage of 5G signals. Between the two Huawei's Mate20X 5G phones, a number starting with 152 quickly dialed another mobile number starting with 158. During the entire call, the sound quality of the 5G voice call is clear and there is basically no noise.


In December last year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology officially approved the 5G test frequency bands of the three major operators, and China Mobile was approved for the test frequency bands of 2.6GHz and 4.9GHz. China Mobile Beijing has completed the first domestic 5G autopilot demonstration zone, undertaking the “5G Autopilot Summit” business demonstration mission, completing the world's first 5G+ true 4K sports event live broadcast (Miyo CBA), and based on 5G network Human-machine video presentation business.


In the future, China Mobile will launch five 5G business pilots to explore 5G application prospects in various industries such as HD live broadcast, medical, drone, autopilot, and safe campus, and realize the rapid advancement of 5G network commercialization and open a new era of 5G.


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