Broadcast The Latest Situation Of Each Production Line

- Nov 13, 2020-

Optical fiber cable production line: Because the optical fiber cables produced by our company have to be used for our own use and exported, the production line is busy all year round.

Patchcord and Pigtail workshop: Orders increased by 3 times compared with last month, and all production lines are working overtime.

PLC splitter workshop: orders from South Korea, Spain and Brazil basically cover all production lines, and work overtime every day.

WDM workshop: 25G medium-distance WDM devices are hot-selling products this quarter, the market demand has surged, and all production lines are expediting.

Optical module factory: 10km 10G SFPs is the product with the highest demand this quarter, while the demand for 100G optical modules is higher than the previous quarter, and there is limited room for growth.

The progress of other production lines is normal, so I don’t repeat it now.

As China's Spring Festival holiday is approaching, this industry is also ushering in a peak demand season. At present, all kinds of production lines in all our company's factories are expediting. It is expected that this year’s Spring Festival holiday will be from April 4th to  9th April.

But as my experience, lots of workers will leave for their hometown  for the most important holiday at the end of January 2021.So for big buffer orders, it will be better to confirm it before the middle of November.
We will be busier and busier at the last two months before holiday.