Can Single-mode Fiber Jumpers Connect To Each Other?

- Sep 07, 2017-

What is a single-mode fiber jumper?

Single-mode fiber jumper transmission wavelength of 1310nm and 1550nm two, usually used to do long-distance transmission of optical signals. The standard is usually 9/125, the center of the glass quartz fiber core is very fine, 9 or 10μm, can only transmit a model. Outside the use of yellow non-toxic PVC / LSZH material production. Used in the floor wiring, 20 km within the cable overhead wiring and so on.

What is a multimode fiber jumper?

Multimode fiber jumper transmission wavelength of 850nm, usually used to transmit optical signals in short distance. The standard is 50/125 or 62.5 / 125, multi-mode fiber jumper transmission mode up to hundreds of the farthest transmission distance of up to 2000 meters, the greater the transmission bandwidth, the longer the transmission distance, 10Gps 10G In the network, OM4 specifications of the multi-mode fiber jumpers can reach up to 500 meters. It is made of orange with environmentally friendly non-toxic PVC material. Used in the machine room jump, patch panels and other places.

Different core, the transmission wavelength is different, so can not mix

Because single-mode fiber jumper and multi-mode fiber jumper core standard is different, respectively, 9/125 and 50 / 125,62.5 / 125, the transmission wavelength is not the same, so single-mode fiber jumper and multi-mode fiber Jumper can not be used together with each other.