China Has Built The World's Largest Optical Fiber Broadband Network And 4G Network

- Apr 24, 2020-

China Has Built The World's Largest Optical Fiber Broadband Network And 4G Network


On the afternoon of April 23, the State Council Office held a press conference. Wen Ku, Director of the Information and Communication Development Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, introduced the current overall situation of China's communications industry.


China Has Built The World's Largest Optical Fiber Broadband Network And 4G Network

The Chinese network has undergone tremendous changes.

There are several signs:

One is from backward to lead. At present, China has built the world's largest optical fiber broadband network and 4G network. Optical fiber users account for more than 93% of broadband users, and 4G users have reached 80%.

The second is that the Internet used to be a luxury product, but now it has become a common commodity for the general public. The quality and service level of information and communication products continue to increase, and the level of tariffs continues to decline.

During the epidemic, home isolation brought explosive growth in network traffic. According to statistics, Internet traffic has increased by 50% compared with the end of last year. In some regions such as Wuhan, the growth rate has reached 60-70%.

According to the monitoring report on the online experience of “Suspend without Stop” published by the Institute of Information and Communications, the average download rate of the online education platform for “Suspend without Stop” is 97.7 trillion, and the average download rate of the provincial platform is 89.2 trillion. Across the Internet, an average of 85% of users are more than 100 trillion users. Currently, Gigabit broadband is being piloted gradually, and there are already 1.61 million subscribers nationwide.