China Is Developing 6G Technology

- Jan 14, 2019-

China Is Developing 6G Technology. It Is Expected to Be Put Into Commercial Use In 2030: The Speed Is More Than Ten Times That of 5G.


According to the Hong Kong Asia Times, engineers and stakeholders in mainland China are increasing their R&D and financing of 6G technology, which is expected to be put into commercial use in 2030. The 5G speed theory download speed is 1.25GB/s, while the new 6G technology will have more than ten times faster than 5G.


China is Developing 6G Network

It is reported that China pays great attention to the development of wireless mobile communications. Since 2015, China's spending on wireless communication infrastructure has exceeded US$162.2 billion. Compared with 30,000 mobile phone base stations in the United States, China has established 350,000 mobile phone base stations in China, which will constitute a very large information network.


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