China Mobile 2018 Super Large Purchase Order: 17 Companies To Share 110 Million Core Optical Cable Centralized Purchasing

- Jan 15, 2018-

China Mobile 2018 super large purchase order: 17 companies to share 110 million core optical cable centralized purchasing


According to official sources from China Mobile, the first set of ordinary optical fiber cable centralized purchase project of China Mobile in 2018, which is with much attention of the industry has ended a few days ago. A total of 17 companies won the bid in this set.


According to the C114 report before, China Mobile's purchase scale is about 3.593 million cable km long (equivalent to 110 million core km). The procurement requirements are expected to meet in 6 months period. This time, the scale of China Mobile's optical fiber centralized purchase reached a new high record, exceeding the market expectation by 80% over the first batch of 61,143,000 core kilometers in 2017.


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With reference to China Mobile in batches of centralized purchase past cases, the industry expects the second batch centralized purchase scale is of large probability to be the same with the first batch. Additionally, China Telecom previously launched 54 million core cable assembly (compared to the previous scale of 35 million core km, with a growth of about 50%), basically, the domestic demand for optical fiber and cable in 2018 can be confirmed to continue growing substantial-largely compared to 2017.


It can be said that last year and this year was the "big year" for the optical fiber and cable industry, and the industry entered the "seller's market." Not only because demand remains high; but also the supply gap will last due to long production-enlarging cycle of preforms in supply side.


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