China Mobile And China Radio & Television Jointly Build And Share 5G Network Construction

- May 27, 2020-

China Mobile And China Radio & Television Jointly Build And Share 5G Network Construction

Recently, China Mobile and China Radio and Television signed a 5G co-construction and sharing framework agreement. Prior to this, China Telecom and China Unicom have started cooperation in the construction of 5G networks, which means that the two major combinations of the domestic telecommunications industry in the 5G era have been formed.

China Mobile And China Radio & Television Jointly Build And Share 5G Network Construction

China Mobile network construction, radio and television payment, sharing 700MHz golden frequency band

According to the cooperation agreement between Mobile and Radio and Television, the two parties will jointly invest in the construction of a 700MHz 5G wireless network at a 1: 1 ratio, and jointly own and have the right to use 700MHz 5G wireless network assets. The cooperation period starts from the effective date of the 5G cooperation framework agreement to December 31, 2031.

Industry analysts believe that the cooperation between the two is really a win-win situation. China Mobile Sharing gets the golden frequency band and high-quality content of radio and television, while Radio and Television Sharing can get China Mobile's funds and technical equipment.

For mobile, this cooperation made it obtain the 700M golden frequency band, and the frequency combination of 5G network construction became "700MHz + 2.6GHz + 4.9GHz" with both high and low frequency bands.

It is understood that the 700MHz frequency band has the advantages of low signal propagation loss, wide coverage, strong penetration, and low networking cost. It is suitable for 5G underlying networks, and the number of base stations with the same coverage construction is the smallest, which can reduce network construction costs.

Independent telecommunications analyst Fu Liang believes that co-construction and sharing with 5G of radio and television is very good for China Mobile. China Mobile can not only solve the problem of network coverage in the fringe area through the 700MHz frequency, but also obtain income from radio and television. In addition, it will also have a very high percentage of equity in the 700MHz 5G network jointly constructed by mobile radio and television.

For China Radio and Television, in addition to not having a core network, it also lacks technology, capital and talents. This cooperation with mobile not only can obtain mobile 2G / 4G / 5G networks, but also reduces capital expenditures and related The accumulation of talents and technology can be said to complement the shortcomings.