​China Mobile Joins Hands With Partners To Establish 5G Smart Mining Alliance

- Jun 19, 2020-

China Mobile Joins Hands With Partners To Establish 5G Smart Mining Alliance


On June 18, China Mobile's 5G Smart Mining Alliance Inauguration Conference and the first 5G coal mine inauguration ceremony were held in Taiyuan, Shanxi, and a video connection was made with the Beijing branch. China Mobile, together with more than 70 units including Tsinghua University, China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing), Yangmei Coal Group, China Coal Science and Technology, and Huawei, established the 5G Smart Mining Alliance and announced the official completion of the first 5G coal mine in Xinyuan Coal Mine of Yangmei Coal Group.


China Mobile Joins Hands With Partners To Establish 5G Smart Mining Alliance

According to the introduction of China Mobile, the 5G Smart Mine Alliance will take the construction of 5G smart mines as a carrier and the vision of "5G-powered industry, cooperative ecological win-win", uniting all parties to build a smart mine cooperation platform to accelerate key core technology breakthroughs and exploration The business model that can be replicated and promoted, guides the co-construction and sharing of resources, forms complementary advantages, and further promotes the sustainable and stable development of the industry.


The first 5G smart coal mine jointly built by China Mobile, Yangmei Coal Group and Huawei was officially completed on the day. Yangyuan Coal Group Xinyuan Coal Mine relies on the lowest underground 5G network in China-the 534-meter underground "super-gigabit uplink" coal mine 5G special network , Realized the intelligent management of coal mines, and solved many problems in the coal industry.


China Mobile and Huawei jointly developed a full-chain underground dedicated communication equipment, obtained the first explosion-proof certification for 5G network equipment, built a 5G dedicated network at 534 meters underground in Xinyuan Coal Mine of Yangmei Coal Group, launched an unmanned inspection of the mechanical and electrical chamber, and no one in the tunneling face Three 5G applications, operation and unmanned operation in fully mechanized mining face, have helped coal mines achieve unmanned, automated and visualized operation of mines. Among them, the unmanned inspection application of the electromechanical chamber is tailored to solve the problem that the electromechanical equipment of coal mine enterprises is prone to failure during long-term operation, which reduces the labor intensity and risk of the staff and improves the quality and efficiency of inspection. The unmanned application of the tunneling face solves the problems of high risk factor and high labor intensity of traditional manual operations. It can perform remote operation cutting and support operations, and achieve remote safe and precise control of tunneling operations. Unmanned operation of fully mechanized mining face solves the problems of large cable maintenance and frequent lack of signals during the operation of underground equipment, provides remote operators with panoramic high-definition operation vision, which effectively reduces the incidence of safety accidents in dangerous operation areas and saves a lot of manpower Material resources. At the same time, China Mobile will also use the existing underground tunnels with low temperature conditions to establish IDC equipment rooms in underground tunnels to provide customers with low-cost, safe and reliable data center services.