China Telecom Accelerates Data Center Construction

- May 13, 2020-

China Telecom Accelerates Data Center Construction


China Telecom proposed to speed up the construction of the data center and required the completion of the OTN transformation of government and enterprises by the third quarter

A few days ago, China Telecom clearly requested that the government and enterprise OTN transformation be completed by the third quarter of this year, and all the Tianyi Cloud resource pools will be built. 


China Telecom Accelerates Data Center Construction

It is understood that in recent years, China Telecom has increasingly attached importance to cloud-network integration, and proposed to accelerate the construction of Tianyi Cloud resource pool and data center. Since cloud resource pools and data centers have become an important part of the new infrastructure, China Telecom has always had its own advantages in this regard. To further consolidate the advantages, China Telecom expects to turn the advantages into competitiveness and eventually into market share. 


In this regard, China Telecom's strategy is to pay equal attention to the development of endogenous and extension (capital operations), to accelerate the pace of development.


China Telecom stated that the planned number of resource pool servers in the entire group will be no less than 40,000 units in 2020, requiring provincial companies and professional companies to sort out and report on cloud resource pool construction needs in a timely manner. Construction. 


In addition, the provincial companies are also required to complete the construction of supporting resources such as computer rooms, power supplies, and air conditioners for the expansion of government and enterprise OTN (high-quality dedicated line bearer networks) and CN2-DCI (service routers and access switches) by the end of June. 


And before the end of August, the construction of local transmission resources required for the connection of the resource pool was completed. In the third quarter, the government and enterprise OTN / CN2-DCI were all connected to build the Tianyi Cloud resource pool. 


The 5G era is an era of integration of cloud and network. 5G accelerates cloud-network integration. Cloud-network integration gives 5G more connotation. The two coexist together and complement each other. China Telecom is also actively promoting the "cloud reform" of network infrastructure, accelerating the construction of a new generation of cloud-based network that is concise, agile, intensive, open and secure. By the end of June last year, China Telecom had built more than 100 Tianyi Cloud resource pools covering the whole country.


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