China Telecom And Zhongtian Technology Signed A Contract To Create A New Future For 5G Communication

- May 04, 2019-

China Telecom And Zhongtian Technology Signed A Contract To Create A New Future For 5G Communication


Recently, “hello 5G, empowering the future” China Telecom 5G Innovation Cooperation Conference was held in Shenzhen. Zhongtian Technology was invited to participate in the conference and became a technology innovation partner of “5G signing” with China Telecom.


China Telecom And Zhongtian Technology Signed A Contract To Create A New Future For 5G Communication

The conference was brilliant, and China Telecom proposed to implement the new development concept and accelerate the pace of 5G commercialization; it released 5G innovative application results in the top ten vertical industries such as transportation, medical treatment and manufacturing; meanwhile, it signed with the strategic partners in the industrial chain to jointly promote Leading 5G technology, sharing the 5G development dividend, and working together to create a new future for 5G. Xue Chi, president of Zhongtian Technology Group, signed a contract with China Telecom on behalf of the company.


4G changes life, 5G changes society. To solve the 5G key issues, carry out 5G related tests, and improve the level of 5G network intelligence, we need to cooperate and promote together. As the leader in the cable industry, Zhongtian Technology conforms to the trend of 5G construction, and lays out the bar-fiber-cable, device, antenna feeder and network equipment system solutions, providing infrastructure and services for the construction of 5G bearer network, which has always been trusted by operators. one's business Partner.


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