China Telecom Launches Second Phase Of 5G Construction And Accelerates Construction Of New 5G Infrastructure

- Mar 16, 2020-

China Telecom Launches Second Phase of 5G Construction And Accelerates Construction of New 5G Infrastructure


In order to implement the central government's decision to accelerate the construction of new 5G infrastructure, on March 12, China Telecom held a national 5G second-phase project construction task deployment meeting. It plans to complete the nationwide 250,000 5G base station co-construction work in the third quarter and strive to take the lead. 5G SA is commercial.


China Telecom Launches Second Phase of 5G Construction And Accelerates Construction of New 5G Infrastructure

At present, China Telecom is making every effort to accelerate the progress of 5G new infrastructure construction. Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, China Telecom has been speeding up, rushing forward, and making up for losses while ensuring safety, and has steadily advanced the orderly resumption of production of 5G terminal construction projects to achieve epidemic prevention and control and resumed production. By mistake, as of last week (March 8), more than 1,000 new base stations for epidemic prevention and control were opened. At present, China Telecom has opened about 75,000 5G base stations nationwide.


In order to further accelerate the construction of 5G, on March 10, China Telecom and China Unicom issued the "Publication for Centralized Qualification Pre-examination of Wireless Main Equipment for 5G SA New Construction Project in 2020", and started the joint centralized procurement of 5G SA wireless main equipment. The scale is not less than 250,000 stations.


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