China Telecom Starts Ultra-large-scale 5G Customized Terminal Centralized Procurement: The Number Exceeds 180,000 Units

- Jun 23, 2020-

China Telecom Starts Ultra-large-scale 5G Customized Terminal Centralized Procurement: The Number Exceeds 180,000 Units


Recently, China Telecom issued a pre-qualification announcement for customized terminal procurement projects, and plans to purchase more than 180,000 5G customized terminals.


China Telecom Starts Ultra-large-scale 5G Customized Terminal Centralized Procurement- The Number Exceeds 180,000 Units

China Telecom makes the following requirements for bidding products:

1. The products registered by the applicant are the products of domestic mainstream brands.

2. The product registered by the applicant should be a mature and stable product with a legal and valid telecommunications equipment network access certificate/China Compulsory Product Certification (3C certification).

3. The applicant's registered product supports 5G SA and NSA networking modes; supports encryption of CDMA voice and VoLTE voice. The provider provides written instructions for the above networking mode of the registered product.

4. The mobile phone of the brand to which the applicant applies must accumulate more than 10 million units in the China Telecom Tianyi terminal operation analysis system.

5. The applicant must complete the mobile phone adjustment test before July 15, 2020, and meet the above technical key indicator requirements. The specific evaluation test requirements and confidentiality agreement are attached separately. The evaluation result serves as one of the conditions for this qualification review. The person must submit a letter of commitment to complete the phone adaptation test on time.


According to the announcement, after adapting to the testing work through the mobile phone, the applicant will provide a total of 1,000 prototypes by July 25, 2020 to carry out user trials; the prototype comparison will be completed on July 31, 2020.


Terminals are a key part of the ecological development of the 5G industry. China Telecom believes that 5G will allow the industry to stand again in the window of opportunity for intergenerational conversion. The development of 5G terminals has market space, business space and room for improvement. China Telecom predicts that the 5G replacement market will have 1.7 billion units in the industry in 2020, and China Telecom will replace 60 million units.


China Telecom clearly proposed three major technical requirements for 5G terminals to the industry chain last year:

In terms of performance, China Telecom will promote the uplink and downlink capabilities of high-end terminals. By promoting the development of DSS, NR, CA, super uplink, and 4G MIMO, terminal expansion will be further improved.

In terms of experience, all newly launched mobile phones must support VoLTE, and all the stock terminals will be upgraded to VoLTE. In 2020, China Telecom will promote the listing of the 100-yuan VoLTE.

In terms of modules, accelerate the commercial maturity of general-purpose 5G modules and empower vertical industries with 5G+.