China Unicom 5G Intelligent Metropolitan Area Network Collection

- Mar 30, 2020-

China Unicom 5G Intelligent Metropolitan Area Network Collection


It is said that official information from China Unicom shows that China Unicom has recently completed the centralized bidding for smart metropolitan area network convergence equipment and access equipment in 2020, and announced relevant winning candidates.


China Unicom 5G Intelligent Metropolitan Area Network Collection

It is reported that the total value of the tender exceeds US $ 2 billion, which fully demonstrates China Unicom's determination for 5G expansion. From the results of the successful bid, Huawei, ZTE, Xinhua III Group, and Fiberhome Communications were successfully selected.


Among them, in the purchase of core convergence equipment, there are 4,920 units of the whole machine, 218,000 pluggable optical modules; including: 240 MR1 equipment (equipment capacity ≥ 25.6Tbps), 470 MR2 equipment (equipment capacity ≥ 12.8Tbps) There are 740 MR3 devices (equipment capacity ≥6.4Tbps), 1190 MR4 devices (equipment capacity ≥1.6Tbps), and 2280 MR5 devices (equipment capacity ≥800Gbps).


In the purchase of receiving equipment, 42440 sets of receiving layer equipment were purchased, of which 40831 A1 devices (receiving capacity ≥320G card type), 1609 A3 devices (receiving capacity ≥48G box type); purchasing pluggable optical modules 693,800.


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