China Unicom Begins To Test The Application Of G.654.E Fiber In Provincial Optical Fiber Cable Projects

- May 14, 2018-

China Unicom Begins to Test the Application of G.654.E Fiber in Provincial Optical Fiber Cable Projects

China Unicom has begun testing the application of G.654.E optical fiber in provincial optical fiber trunking projects and plans to open the central purchase in 2018. 

China Unicom Begins to Test the Application of G.654.E Fiber in Provincial Optical Fiber Cable Projects.jpg

The original G.654 fiber was applied to the submarine cable scene. Its ultra-low loss characteristics are suitable for the ultra-long-distance transmission needs on the seabed. In 2013, the industry began to formulate the standard for G.654 for terrestrial transmission, which isG.654.E. China Unicom plans to start G.654.E product testing on May 30, 2018, and will start central purchase the year. G.654.E fiber mainly carries 400G transmission rate, and domestic technologies have gradually matured. The start-up of operators' collective procurement marks the gradual emergence of the need for the telecommunication network to continuously upgrade and expand the 400G. G.652 fiber loss will be significantly increased at 400G rate, and G.654 fiber must be introduced. In 2017, Unicom partnered with Hengtong, Zhongtian, Corning, Changfei, and Fiberhome to build the G.654.E network. The opening of the test and subsequent collections marked the gradual maturity of China domestic technologies, and as the 400G network upgrade gradually carried out, favoring the entire industrial chain of optical fiber and cable, transmission network equipment and optical modules.

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