Corning Will Showcase Its Rich And Customized Advanced Fiber Optical Products At The 2019 Munich Shanghai Expo

- Mar 20, 2019-

Corning Will Showcase Its Rich And Customized Advanced Fiber Optical Products At The 2019 Munich Shanghai Expo


3/19/2019, Corning Incorporated (NYSE: GLW) announced that it will showcase its range of advanced optical products at the Shanghai Expo in Munich, one of Asia's largest exhibitions of optoelectronic technology and laser applications. It will be held in Shanghai, China from March 20th to 22nd.


Corning Will Showcase Its Rich And Customized Advanced Fiber Optical Products At The 2019 Munich Shanghai Expo

The Munich Shanghai Expo has continued to grow and become one of the most important exhibitions for laser technology in all walks of life. This year, Corning will expand its booth and exhibition range to showcase more innovative products.


These include industry-leading semiconductor manufacturing materials, optical materials for OLED device manufacturing, laser optics for lithography, precision optics for OEM applications, specialty fiber and glass polarizers for the telecommunications industry, and hyperspectral imaging products. And precision glass solutions for mobile consumer electronics such as augmented reality wearables.


This year, Corning will introduce two new products, a slimmer PolarcorTM 0.12mm glass polarizer and a more advanced MicroHSITM 425 hyperspectral imaging sensor.


PolarcorTM 0.12mm takes advantage of PolarcorTM's market-leading performance in a new, thinner form. It is specifically developed for applications in the telecommunications and datacom industries, which are in need of slim and high performance polarizers to save space in the data center and provide design flexibility for transceiver manufacturers to further enhance communications speed.


The MicroHSITM 425 sensor is a miniaturized hyperspectral imaging (HSI) product. The product uses Corning's popular MicroHSITM 410 SHARK and is currently used in other remote sensing systems such as aerial agriculture monitoring. The MicroHSITM 425 is the first and only commercial 400-2500nm HIS product that requires no dual sensors.


Corning's Advanced Optics business leverages its extensive experience in glass science and optical physics to help customers overcome optical technology challenges through custom designs, cutting-edge optical materials and complete systems. Corning's product technologies in advanced optics include high-quality materials such as Corning ULE® and HPFS®, measurement capabilities, automated laser glass cutting technology and optical design capabilities.


Cassandra Taliaferro, Commercial Director of Corning's Advanced Optics Business, said: "Corning's world-leading combination of optical materials and technology solutions is an important factor driving the development of key semiconductor processes such as lithography, process control and planar metrology. We are very proud of this. Our customers trust us thanks to our expertise in durable crystal and glass materials, metrology instruments and precision optics systems. We are pleased to present these capabilities and products at this year's Shanghai Expo in Munich."


For more information on Corning's advanced optical products, please visit the Shanghai Shanghai Expo and visit our booth at No. 4612, Hall W4, Shanghai New International Expo Center.


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