Data Center Business Becomes A Increased Highlight In The First Quarter

- May 22, 2020-

Data Center Business Becomes A Increased Highlight In The First Quarter


Since this year, "new infrastructure" has become a hot word in the industry, and the layout around "new infrastructure" has become the focus of discussion. Among them, the data center is listed as a key project in 2020, and the planned investment scale of each place has reached tens of billions. As the underlying computing power infrastructure for 5G, cloud computing, industrial Internet, and artificial intelligence, the value of data centers has become prominent.


Data Center Business Becomes A Increased Highlight In The First Quarter Of 2020

With the advantages of effectively reducing energy consumption, reducing failure rates and breaking through environmental limitations, liquid cooling technology has become an important technical trend in the development of global data centers. At present, international giants such as IBM, Google, Intel and others have already deployed in this field. In China, technology companies represented by Wangsu Technology, Huawei, and Zhongke Dawning have also actively invested in the technology development and market expansion of liquid-cooled data centers .


The arrival of 5G wireless technology brings faster and denser data streams. This trend will drive more demand for data center capacity. As network service providers and hyperscale operators deploy next-generation network equipment to prepare for 5G services in 2020 and beyond, with the advent of 2022, the fine flow of data is gradually converging into a digital tsunami The center brings compelling business.


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