Domestic Optical Network Cards: Enabling Scientific Research For Colleges And Universities

- Apr 02, 2020-

Domestic Optical Network Cards: Enabling Scientific Research for Colleges and Universities


The impact of computers and the Internet on national economy and people's livelihood is self-evident. At the same time, in scientific research, it has also greatly accelerated the research speed and promoted comprehensive exploration in various aspects. For example, in this epidemic, our people were isolated in various homes. The frontline information of the epidemic, the online film and television, and online shopping were produced every day. More network data was generated than ever before. The anti-epidemic front also has a large amount of various exchanges of medical and nursing data; the scientific research front strengthens the interpretation of the epidemic situation and continuously promotes the research of viruses, cases, pathology, and vaccines, and the computer is responsible for data calculation. The network has always carried out data transmission to various terminal services, speeding up the progress of various work in an all-round way.

Domestic Optical Network Cards - Enabling Scientific Research for Colleges and Universities


In the interconnection of computer groups, data transmission between computer servers has high requirements on bandwidth and network delay. In the research of new materials technology, applied chemistry technology, dynamic simulation analysis, etc., the network is connected through high-speed, electromagnetic interference-free, and extremely low signal loss optical fiber links, which can not only ensure the computing performance of each node server, but also It can strengthen the stickiness of links between servers. Large network bandwidth and low latency have advantages in data transfer and reading between devices, which meets the requirements of high density, scalability, and high network bandwidth calculation of servers.


The four-port and dual-port fiber-optic network adapters introduced by Lianrui help the real-time data read and write exchange between servers in all aspects of high-speed network connection and extremely low latency, speeding up the progress of computing work in various aspects, and promoting scientific research.