Europe's First 5G Pre-commercial Network Launches, ZTE's Participates In Construction

- Oct 26, 2017-

Europe's First 5G Pre-commercial Network Launches, ZTE's Participates in Construction

According to foreign media on October 25, ZTE will work with Italian operators Wind Tre and Open Fiber to build Europe's first 5G pre-commercial network in the 3.6-3.8GHz band.

5G communication network and fiber optic cable.png

ZTE said in a statement that it will participate in the 5G pre-commercial experiment network construction in Italy, providing the industry leading network solutions of 5G end-to-end. And hand in hand with Wind Tre, Open Fiber, the local colleges and related enterprises to research, develop, test and verify the 5G application cases, which includes the technical performance of 5G, 4G 5G network integration, network architecture, as well as ARVR, wisdom city, public security, health care, industrial 4.0 5, etc.

"While we are deploying 5G networks and pre-commercial testing, we are also planning to establish a 5G innovation research and development centre in L 'aquila, Italy," said Bai Yanmin, general manager of ZTE TDD&5G products.”We will support Italy to build a world-class 5G pre-commercial network through this cooperation, and accelerate the process of 5G business in other countries and regions, and promote the maturity of 5G industry chain.”

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