European FTTH / FTTB Subscribers Jumped 20.4%

- Feb 26, 2018-

European FTTH / FTTB Subscribers Jumped 20.4%


Last week at FTTH Conference 2018 in Valencia, Spain, IDATE collaborated with FTTH Council Europe showed that the number of subscribers to FTTH / FTTB in Europe increased by 20.4% between September 2016 and September 2017. Over the same period, the number of new subscribers in 39 EU countries increased from 29.2% to 34.8%.

EU FTTH penetration rate by 2017.9-欧洲FTTH普及率(2018前).jpg



Among the 39 countries in the EU, the number of families installing optical fibers is also increasing, reaching 148 million. This figure increased by 16% during the study period.


Russia took the lead in the growth of FTTH / FTTB subscribers; in the 12 months to September 2017, Russia added 1.826 million FTTH / FTTB subscribers. Spain (1,612,371 additional users) and France (1,067,780 additional subscribers) also showed a significant upward trend.


According to IDATE data, large-scale deployment of FTTx by many private network operators is the main reason driving the growth of FTTH / FTTB in Europe, with 56% of FTTx network operators in Europe belonging to this category.


In the meantime, FTNS Council Europe has renewed its European deployment of FTTH / FTTB. Latvia still ranks first with a penetration rate of 50.6% (see above). For the first time Ireland included in the statistics, its penetration rate was 1.7%. Countries with at least 1% penetration will be included in the statistics.


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