France Welcomes All Suppliers To Participate In 5G Network Construction

- May 23, 2019-

France Welcomes All Suppliers To Participate In 5G Network Construction


5/23/2019, French Finance Minister Bruno Lemer said in an interview with local media on the 22nd that in the development of 5G business, France will not deliberately exclude a company under the premise of guaranteeing sovereignty and obtaining the best technology.


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Lemer said that many operators currently cooperate with China Huawei for 4G business, and France will not target a certain company.


French President Mark Long also told the media recently that the French side insists on multilateralism and advocates cooperation. France attaches importance to national security in building 5G, but it will not block specific suppliers. A better way to develop its own technology ecosystem is to cooperate and reduce conflicts.


In July 2018, the French government issued a 5G development roadmap. It plans to allocate the first 5G frequency bands from 2020 and provide 5G commercial services in at least one large French city. The 5G network will cover all major French trunk roads by 2025.


5G is the abbreviation of the fifth-generation mobile communication technology. Compared with the fourth-generation and third-generation mobile communication technologies widely used in the world, 5G has the advantages of faster speed, lower delay and more applications.