German Fiber Development Is Slow, Vodafone Calls On The Government To Invest In The Last Mile

- May 09, 2019-

German fiber development is slow, Vodafone calls on the government to invest in the "last mile"


According to a recent report, Vandafung's German CEO Hannes Ametsreiter hopes that the German government will facilitate ultra-fast fiber-optic broadband access to homes and businesses.

Vodafone hopes that the German government can invest more in fiber optics, especially in the "last mile" of fiber-to-the-home.

German fiber development is slow, Vodafone calls on the government to invest in the last mile

Vodafone hopes to increase the number of German homes offering ultra-high-speed Gigabit broadband from 9 million to 11 million in the next 12 months. At present, the German population is about 82 million, with a total of nearly 42 million households.

Industry giants encourage government investment

He told the German "Sunday Le Monde" reporter that investing in the last mile of fiber-to-the-home is very challenging. The essence of this is that the investment infrastructure "removing the already owned network is very expensive. But if we imitate Spain or Portugal, laying empty pipes like high speed, would be a good choice."

“Then, each supplier can pull out the cables through these pipes, which will increase efficiency and promote competition in the industry,” Ameslet explained.


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