Global Fiber Optic Market Will Increase In Next 4 Years

- Apr 19, 2018-

The market research report divides the global optical interconnection market into the following fiber modes (Single-mode fiber and multimode fiber), interconnect levels (rack level, long-distance level, chip level and width level), Product categories (optical transceivers, connectors, and cable assemblies) and key areas (Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe, Middle East and Africa).


The report found that the increased demand for cloud databases was one of the main factors contributing to the stable development of the market. A database consists of multiple servers that provide data to end users. The number format is used to store data in the database. Another effective storage medium is the cloud, where data stored in the cloud can be accessed easily.


Commercial enterprises require high storage capacity and need access to information and data from any location, and most of these enterprises use cloud-based storage services. The cloud database needs to process and combine multiple discrete data items in one operation. In order to handle this type of complex data, it is essential to provide high-performance alternative storage.


Fiber interconnects such as transceivers, cable assemblies, and cables provide future scalability, higher capacity, and lower energy. "Because cloud-based storage delivers better scalability and high storage availability, the demand for its services is increasing," according to TechNavio's senior analyst for embedded systems. Cloud based services have created a huge demand for fibre optic interconnection. The increase in global spending on cloud storage is increasing the demand for fibre optic interconnection based on cloud applications.


In the three major products, the optical transceiver market accounted for mearly 48% in 2017. The market share of this product is expected to continue to grow by 2022.


On the other hand, the fastest-growing product is the connector by 2022. the connector accounted for the total global market share of nearly 32%. From the regional perspective, the Asia-Pacific region is the 2017 global optical interconnection market leader in the market share of nearly 56%. Growth in the Asia-Pacific region is expected to reach nearly 4% by 2022.

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