How Fast Is The 5G Network Faster Than Gigabit Fiber?

- Apr 25, 2019-

How Fast Is The 5G Network Faster Than Gigabit Fiber?


Recently, China Unicom officially announced that the 5G friendly experience event is about to begin. According to the information released by China Unicom, 5G terminals including Huawei, OPPO, and vivo have already arrived in China Unicom, which means that users can finally feel the new experience brought by 5G equipment at a close distance. Let us feel how fast 5G is.


How Fast Is The 5G Network Faster Than Gigabit Fiber

It is reported that the official website of China Unicom has recently updated the 5G related information. Under the experimental network of 5G, the first batch of Unicom 5G cooperative models ZTE mobile phones have reached the rate of 2Gbps. Because the current mainstream broadband rate in China is about 100Mbps, the rate of 5G networks has reached 2000Mbps. It can be seen that the advantage of 5G is obviously larger than that of optical fiber. Of course, the network speed has also exceeded Gigabit fiber.


As we all know, 5G network as the fifth generation mobile communication network, the theoretical peak transmission speed has reached 10Gb per second. In the actual experience, the 5G network can meet the download speed of 200M/s. Such a network download speed can be said to be very satisfying, and a high-definition movie can be downloaded in less than one minute.


Finally, there is still a period of formal debut from the 5G network. According to the current test results, when the popularity of 5G is really coming, the unlimited traffic package should become a standard. After the official opening of the 5G network, what kind of speed is there, let us wait and see.


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