How To Clean Dirty Fiber Connectors?

- Sep 07, 2017-

The fiber optic connector should be kept clean during use, and if it is not clean, it will affect the transmission of light. Then the fiber optic connector dirty how do we clean it? This topic Xiao Bian here simply talk about.

When cleaning the fiber connector for the first time, use a fiber cleaner, lens paper or cotton swab to wipe directly. Hold the cleaner and press the end face of the fiber connector against the fiber surface of the cleaner (note the angle of the APC bevel joint) The direction of the arrow on the shell can be moved several times. To move in one direction, do not repeat, and be careful not to plan the second in the same place, so as not to affect the cleaning effect.     

Fiber optic connector can also use the lens of the end of the lens, the need to clean the lens paper into a 4-layer or 8-layer thick, with a single side of the paper side of the optical fiber connector, Clean the end of the fiber when the cotton swab on the end face, gently turn or gently rub.

If both cleaning methods are used, test the fiber connector connection loss, if the loss is still too large, then you can wipe again. If the second time or cleaning or so, it may be fiber optic fiber optic fiber connector end of the grease or sticky stains, you need to use a little water, alcohol to wipe.

Cleaning or can not reduce the connection loss, you have to replace the fiber connector, replace the fiber connector or not, then have to replace the fiber flange. Depending on the situation, the fiber connector failure is much greater than the failure of the fiber flange. Before installation should carefully read the instructions, and manufacturers or agents of the engineers to guide the installation and commissioning.