Huawei Marine PEACE Submarine Cable Project Underwater Product Production Integration Is In Progress

- Apr 17, 2020-

Huawei Marine PEACE Submarine Cable Project Underwater Product Production Integration IIProgress


Huawei Ocean Network Co., Ltd. (referred to as Huawei Ocean) and PEACE International Ocean Network System Co., Ltd. jointly announced the orderly integration of the production of underwater products for PEACE submarine cable systems. After the system is completed, it will provide a shorter, faster and newer maritime information highway for the interconnection of Asia, Africa and Europe. 


Huawei Marine PEACE Submarine Cable Project Underwater Product Production Integration Is In Progress

The backbone of the PEACE submarine cable system is about 15,000 kilometers, using the latest Open Cable system solution from Huawei Marine, equipped with industry-leading 200G wave division transmission technology and a new generation of self-developed relay that supports Spatial Division Multiplexing technology. (Repeater). After the system is commercialized, it will provide customers with high-quality and reliable intercontinental communication services within a 25-year life cycle.


Sun Xiaohua, chief operating officer of the PEACE submarine cable system, emphasized: "At present, the underwater survey of the PEACE submarine cable system has been completed by 90%, and the subsequent survey work is proceeding as planned. With the orderly development of the integration of underwater product production, PEACE The construction of the submarine cable project has once again taken a solid step. "


Ma Yanfeng, vice president of Huawei Marine, said: "PEACE submarine cable system is another important milestone project for Huawei Marine after more than 100 submarine cable system commercial contracts worldwide. In the face of many challenges brought by the external environment, we will always adhere to the customer The center will provide industry-leading technology and high-quality services, continue to create value for customers, and jointly enable the global information age. "


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