Huawei Portugal Telecom And Others Launched F5G Initiative To Promote Unified Standards For Optical Fiber Networks

- May 21, 2020-

Huawei Portugal Telecom And Others Launched F5G Initiative To Promote Unified Standards For Optical Fiber Networks


On May 19th, during the 17th Huawei Global Analyst Conference, ETSI (European Telecommunication Standardization Association), China Broadband Development Alliance, Portugal Telecom and Huawei jointly launched the F5G Global Initiative, calling on the upstream and downstream links of the global fiber optic network industry to join F5G Industrial organization.

Huawei Portugal Telecom And Others Launched F5G Initiative To Promote Unified Standards For Optical Fiber Networks

F5G, the fifth-generation fixed network, has new technologies such as 10G PON (passive optical fiber network), Wi-Fi 6, 200G / 400G. Compared with previous generations of fixed networks, F5G has greatly improved connection capacity and bandwidth. For example, the upstream and downstream speeds can be stacked up to 10Gbps, the delay can be reduced to less than 100μs, and the number of connections can be increased by more than 100 times. In the family-oriented and enterprise-oriented scenarios, F5G can be used in cloud gaming, VR, telemedicine and other fields.


Huawei Executive Director Wang Tao pointed out that only when 5G mobile networks and F5G fixed networks achieve coordinated development can a truly intelligent world be built. "Now everyone has paid enough attention to the development of 5G networks, but in F5G, which is not so concerned, Huawei hopes to cooperate with the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, promote the unified standards of F5G, and achieve the coordinated development of 5G and F5G."


Wei Leping, executive deputy director of the Communications Technology Committee of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and director of the China Telecom Technology Committee, believes that in order to better support the widespread deployment of new technologies and applications such as 5G, and push the fiber network to all possible ubiquitous application scenarios, the industry is necessary Focus on the new generation of optical fiber network F5G, build a unified specification covering the three basic application scenarios of transmission network, access network and resident network, in order to reduce unnecessary fragmented private specifications and improve the economic efficiency of the scale of the optical industry.


"China is rapidly entering the era of F5G. As of February this year, 1.97 million Gigabit broadband users have reached." Ao Li, director of the Institute of Technology and Standards of the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology and deputy secretary-general of the Broadband Development Alliance, said at the meeting. On this basis, China is also accelerating the application innovation of F5G in an all-round way to promote the development of China's digital economy. China's practical experience will provide reference and reference for the development of F5G in countries around the world.


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