Huawei Takes The Lead In Passing The Industry's First 50GE Single Fiber Bidirectional TransmissionTechnology Test

- Apr 24, 2019-

Huawei Takes The Lead In Passing The Industry's First 50GE Single Fiber Bidirectional TransmissionTechnology Test


Recently, China Mobile Research Institute organized a 50GE single-fiber two-way new technology test, and Huawei took the lead in passing the test. The 50GE single-fiber two-way test successfully verified the 10km and 40km transmission, which indicates that the 50GE single-fiber two-way technology has gradually matured, which is of great significance to the commercialization of the 5G bearer network.


Huawei Takes The Lead In Passing The Industry's First 50GE Single-Fiber Bidirectional Transmission Technology Test.jpg

The 50GE adopts PAM4 technology, which saves expensive optical devices, and its natural cost performance advantage is widely recognized in the industry. Currently, operators' optical fibers are generally tight. The single-fiber bidirectional technology uses one optical fiber to transmit and receive optical signals in two directions through different optical wavelengths, saving 50% of optical fiber requirements and effectively solving the shortage of optical fiber resources. On the one hand, in order to meet the time synchronization requirements of the 5G network, IEEE 1588 will be deployed in the future. The current dual-fiber bidirectional transceiver uses two optical fibers, and the length of the optical fibers in both directions is asymmetric. When IEEE 1588v2 is deployed, it needs to be measured one by one. By setting the compensation method to compensate for the asymmetry of the fiber delay in the two directions of the transceiver, there is a large deployment difficulty in the project. As a result, the 1588v2 dual-fiber bidirectional optical module cannot be deployed on a large scale. The single-fiber bidirectional technology realizes transmission and reception in two directions in one optical fiber, which effectively solves the problem of asymmetric transmission and reception fibers.


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