Iceland's Optical Fiber Utilization Rate Ranks First In Europe

- Apr 23, 2020-

Iceland's Optical Fiber Utilization Rate Ranks First In Europe


According to the "Icelandic Daily" reported on April 23, data from the European Family Council show that 65.9% of people in Iceland use optical fiber, which is the highest in Europe. This is followed by 62.8% in Belarus and 54.3% in Spain.

Iceland's Optical Fiber Utilization Rate Ranks First In Europe

At present, more than 120,000 Icelandic households have been connected to optical fiber, accounting for about 82%.

According to the construction plan of Gagnaveita Reykjavikur, which operates fiber optic cables, approximately 20% of Icelandic households will connect to fiber optics by 2023. The goal of the Icelandic government is to achieve nationwide fiberization as soon as possible.

With the advancement of 5G communication and fiber-to-the-home projects, the penetration rate of fiber-optic communication and network applications will be higher and higher, and the network will become more and more important, bringing various conveniences to mankind and promoting social development.

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