In 2016, The Market Of Fiber PLC Splitter Was $789 Million Worldwide

- Oct 18, 2017-

Fiber optic industry research report on the global consumption decade forecast for the PLC splitter for optical fiber communication networks. 

1X8 PLC.jpg


According to the report, the consumption value of the worldwide PLC splitter devices was $789 million in 2016, with 13.4% increase when compared that in 2015. The PLC splitter will continue to play an important role in the deployment of fiber optics close to the user, allowing multiple users to share a single PON interface.The PLC splitter distributes optical signals from single input optical fiber port to multiple optical output ports.


The report quantifies the PLC splitter divider chip used in PLC splitter in the chip, and also quantifies the PLC splitters devices used in the PLC splitter module/chassis, and the PLC splitter chips applied in the integrated devices/modules.


The PLC splitter is available in a variety of configurations.The dominant model in the market in 2016 was 1*4 PLC splitter. However, the report predicts that the PLC splitter models with higher optical branching ratios, such as 1* 16, 1* 32, 2* 16, and 2* 32, etc., will have a faster annual growth rate.