In March, Mauritania To Build 1,600 Km Of Fiber Optic Cable

- Mar 15, 2018-

In March, Mauritania to build 1,600 km of fiber optic cable


This March, The Ministry of Employment and Information-Communications of Mauritania has stated that it will deploy a fiber optic cable up to 1600 kilometers this month.


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According to reports, the deployment of fiber optic cables this month is one of the West African regional communications infrastructure planning WARCIP support projects, aiming at strengthening the communications infrastructure of West African countries.


Mohamed Ould Ahmed Abderrahmane, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Employment and Information and Communications of Mauritania, revealed that the new fiber optic cable infrastructure will connect more cities and regions in the country, enhance connectivity within and between regions, and promote the efficiency of regional Internet services.


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