Iran Will Deploy A 14,000km Fibre-optic Network Within Two Months

- Feb 21, 2019-

TIC said it plans to install an additional 14,000km of fibre-optic network in the next two months, increasing the total length of its infrastructure to 84,000km.


TIC, an Iranian state-owned enterprise, is working on the project to improve its network coverage, which is used by third-party service providers, according to a report by the Tehran times, an Iranian media outlet.

TIC managing director Sadeq Abbasi Shahkouh said Iran's IP network capacity had tripled in the past 10 months.

Iran Will Deploy a 14,000km Fibre-optic Network Within Two Months


Iran has an extensive network of fiber-optic cables connecting its major cities and towns, as well as international cables connecting Europe to the Middle East and Asia.For long-distance communication networks, TIC has itu-t.655 standard optical fiber, while for backbone networks, metropolitan area ring networks and access networks, itu-t.652 optical fiber is deployed.


In addition to the current network extensions, TIC will enhance transmission bandwidth networks and improve national Internet protocol (IP) services.The project aims to improve the infrastructure and quality of Internet service providers.

In December 2018, Iran developed a national fiber-optic infrastructure development plan, in which the government will spend more than $5 billion to develop ICT infrastructure.


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