Nokia And Polish Netia Test Optical Fiber Network High-speed Coherent Technology

- Apr 10, 2019-

Nokia And Polish Netia Test Optical Fiber Network High-speed Coherent Technology


According to reports, Nokia has announced the first network field test of Nokia Photonics Service Switch Engine 3 (PSE-3) with Netia of Poland. Netia has a 50,000-km fiber-optic network that connects 80% of the country's major office buildings in Poland.


Nokia And Polish Netia Test Fiber Network High-speed Coherent Technology

In this field test, the Nokia 1830 photonic service switch based on PSE-3 chip and Netia's existing 100G/200G flexible mesh fiber network with 75GHz spacing realized 300G and 500G transmission with 62-68 Gbaud baud rate.


Netia said that they continue to invest in network architecture to ensure customers enjoy the most advanced network technology. This field test proved that their original transmission network with a capacity of 8.8Tbps could be further upgraded to 29Tbps.


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