Nokia Announces Third-Generation Photonic Service Engine Chipset To Realize Fiber Network Capacity Close To Theoretical Limits

- Mar 09, 2018-

Nokia Announces Third-Generation Photonic Service Engine Chipset to Realize Fiber Network Capacity Close to Theoretical Limits

On March 6, Nokia announced the launch of its next-generation Photonic Service Engine (PSE) super-coherent digital signal processor series in Espoo, Finland. The PSE-3 chipset is the first coherent digital signal processor that implements probabilistic constellation shaping (PCS). This technology allows the fiber performance to approach the Shannon limit. The PSE-3 chipset can significantly increase the capacity and performance of each link in the fiber optic network, enabling the communications service providers and large Internet companies to accelerate the evolution of the network to meet the video, cloud and 5G surge in volume demand.


fiber optic network - new Photonic Service Engine Chipset.jpg

The chipset can make the optical network achieve the highest capacity (including metro and submarine cables) for any distance and on any fiber, enhancing the capacity of deployed networks by up to 65%, while reducing power consumption by 60% per bit. Up to 35% of optical transponder can be saved by using the new chip system to build the network. In addition, by tapping the potential capacity of existing fiber, the PSE-3 extends the service life of existing line systems and submarine cables, saving significant cost over the long term. 


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