OFC 2018 - Enterprises Displaying 400G Optical Modules

- Apr 02, 2018-

OFC 2018 - Enterprises Displaying 400G Optical Modules


According to the statistics of CFOL Net: OFC2018, a roughly estimated number of 400G optical module enterprises in the data center is about 15 companies. We have seen 13 companies that have live demos, and each has different plans. Currently, OSFP and QSFP-DD are the standards for the next-generation data center 400G solution. Each OFC solution has its own vendor. Both solutions have their own advantages. Which solution will be used in the future will depend on The next generation of cloud computing operators' network architecture.


400G Optical Module.jpg 


The Showcasing 400G optical module booths: Xuchuang Technology, AOI, Finisar, Mellanox, Sols, OClaro, Lumentum, Molex, Hisense, Intel, Xinyisheng, Onna Technology, Vision Technologies, etc.;

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