Orange Launches 5G Supported By Ericsson In Spain

- Sep 15, 2020-

Orange Launches 5G Supported By Ericsson In Spain


Ericsson 5G Radio Access Network (RAN) and core products and solutions are powering the 5G services of the Spanish Orange Company in Madrid and Barcelona, the two largest cities in Spain, which is the communications service provider9 Commercial 5G service launched nationwide on July 7.


Orange Launches 5G Supported By Ericsson In Spain

Ericsson will carry out initial 5G deployments in Madrid and Barcelona, followed by a four-year collaboration with other locations to help Orange Spain develop its 5G services in Spain.


Ericsson also provided Orange Spain with a 5G evolved packet core to support 5G non-independent new radio (NSA), including control plane, user plane and strategic network functions. These are all components of the Ericsson Cloud core product portfolio.

Enhanced mobile broadband and advanced gaming are expected to be one of the first benefits that Orange Spain customers will enjoy through the faster speeds and lower latency brought by 5G. The technology platform will also provide opportunities for Orange Spain to innovate in business, industry, society, subscriber usage and business cases.

The 5G deployment with Orange Spain is based on a partnership with Ericsson, which dates back to the first generation of mobile technology 20 years ago.


Arun Bansal, President of Ericsson Europe and Latin America, said: “Ericsson’s 5G technology can provide end users with faster networks, better mobile broadband experience, and empower mobile networks with greater innovation capabilities. To meet future needs. Our core and broadcasting business portfolio helps provide a sustainable platform for Spain’s innovation and economic growth. Ericsson is pleased to work with Orange Spain to help them seize 5G and related technologies that will help their subscribers and Opportunities from the industry."


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