Our First Movie Since The Epidemic

- Aug 27, 2020-

Since the new crown epidemic, various industries in China have quickly resumed work.

However, considering the density of the crowd, movie theaters are probably the last industry in China to resume work.

Today, all OPTICO employees went to watch the first movie since the epidemic.

The name of the movie is "Eight Hundred".


It tells about the last battle of the Battle of Songhu in 1937. Eight hundred soldiers were ordered to stand by the Shanghai Sixing Warehouse and resist four day and nights with fewer enemies and more stubbornness.


Each of the eight hundred soldiers is our national hero. Their tenacious resistance, firm belief, love of the motherland, and the spirit of not afraid of sacrifice have left everyone present in tears.

This kind of movie is worth watching by everyone. It always reminds us to cherish the hard-won peace and disdain to struggle on the road of our faith.